Position: 9th Time: 19:41

Today I made my now yearly visit to Shinewater Park to do Eastbourne parkrun, and like last year I was caught up in the Eastbourne monsoon.

Last week I was pacing 22 minutes at Hastings parkrun, and realised how hard trying to run for an exact time is. Shout out to Lewis and Adam, who ran it for the third and first time respectively. And Ethan of course who won the thing.

There was an awkward moment on the train getting there when I stood up to leave my seat and put my hand on someones head in front of me! Needless to say I got off that train quickly.

I can definitely tell winter is here because of not being able to get my breath back in the cold air. On Thursday we did hills and I really struggled, so much so that the last repetition was done at jogging pace. It’s the kind of thing that’ll stick in my mind for ages.

Anyway, onto today and I kept breakfast simple 6:30 porridge, sorted.

So like I said, it was tipping it down and a couple of runners, myself included, found shelter under a tree. This is when you get the old “only fast runners under here” banter!

The first kilometre showed I still need to work on conserving my energy, coming in with a time of 3:40.

I spent a lot of the race running with a woman who beat me by five seconds in 2017. This time she beat me by nine.

I didn’t finish as well as I would’ve liked either, I think it’s easier to finish fast at Hastings because you can see the finish line, while at Eastbourne there are a couple of turnings in the last 600m.

Afterwards I spoke to Pete, one of the old coaches at Hastings AC now at Eastbourne Rovers. He’s of those people everyone knows around the East Sussex running scene.

Anyway, with the Christmas break approaching at cross country on the 16th, I’ve got to two racing weekends to go: one will probably be Hastings while I’m looking at Peacehaven parkrun for the other week.

To end, the station I get off is Hampden Park, so I always think of this song by E-Dubble when I get there: https://youtu.be/G48u_q5iz1o