Position: 100th Time: 36:21

On Saturday I made the unexpected journey to Stanmer Park to do the Sussex League cross-country.

I was going to do parkrun this weekend instead, but as pretty much everybody was doing the Sussex league, I thought why not.

The Saturday League is just a bigger version of the Sunday League, with races split up into different categories to facilitate this.

I’m not gonna lie, the fact the race started at two was an incentive as well!

Anyway, this week I was on the track both Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday was a good warm up for today too, seeing as it was tipping it down. Luckily we had a club tent, so cheers to the people who put that up!

One of my main worries going into the race was my spikes, which seemed to be a couple of inches shorter than everyone elses. In terms of running gear I would say I’ve got the minimum, a pair of normal shoes and the xc spikes. Anyway I’d spent enough money recently so the ones I had, had to do.

In the Sussex league everyone lines up in at the start line in their teams, it reminded me a lot more of school cross country in that repsect. Shaking the hand of our team captain, we were ready to go.

In terms of the distance, it was a three lap course consisting of one 2k lap and two 3k laps. Lot’s of people warned about hill on the 3k laps so I kept it light to start with.

Turns out the dreaded hill wasn’t that bad either, with a steep climbing section followed by a long downhill. Looking back I think I could’ve gone a bit harder on the hills too, I think my reluctance to really power up them comes from getting injured climbing up Blackcap at the start of the year.

The real enemy was the mud, which would often be deeper in the middle sections of the forestry paths. Using my tactical running knowledge, also known as common sense, I went down the sides where it was a bit less boggy.

In the last 500 metres of the race I managed to give a good sprint finish and managed to take a few places.

Maybe I saved too much until the end, but at the same time I wouldn’t put it down as a bad race. If I look at it as being the 7th fastest senior male in the club.

I’m also fast in the club when it’s two for one shots at Live Lounge! (Editor Haza: This really wasn’t needed).

I feel bad for the resutls people at the end though, writing peoples race numbers down in the pouring rain armed with just a pencil.

No photos were taken of myself at the event, but I can assure you my shorts will need a wash.