Just four days before the XC in Eastbourne I managed to injure myself. I’m not sure exactly what I’ve done, but I think it’s a gluteus medius injury, or in more simple terms, basically my lower buttock.

On Thursday I decided not to go to the usual hill session and instead did eight 400 metre repeats around Alexandra Park. The training on Thursday is quite tough and I thought doing my own stuff would be a bit less rigorous, leaving me in good shape for Sunday.

Anyway, I did the whole session, but at about the sixth or seventh rep my right leg felt unusual. Nonetheless, the adrenaline carried me through and I managed to run home.

It was the morning after where I really felt it, and just putting pressure on the leg felt painful. Things didn’t really get any better on Saturday so I decided to bun the XC. Looking back it’s stupid to think I was even considering doing the five mile course up and down Warren Hill on , it would’ve been a disaster.

When I did my achilles (achilles tendentious) in early March I was running on it which made it worse, so this time I’m going to stop running and sport all together until it clears up.

It is annoying because as well as missing the XC, I was planning to go to some San Domenico sessions over Christmas and maybe do a Cardiff parkrun.

But it is what it is. On the plus side I can now relax over Christmas and have a couple of heavy nights out without worrying about running in the morning. Maybe I needed a break as well, from the start of August I’ve run pretty much 5/6 times a week and got two PB’s in October as well as enjoying the uni term more than any other.

I was volunteering at Hastings parkrun yesterday and one of the other volunteers described how he has to cut out the plastic part of his shoe before taping it back together because his achilles is so bad. A cue to stop complaining on my part.

Anyway, I managed to get some good interviews for my dissertation on running participation last week (if want to help me out with this drop me a twitter DM, would be much appreciated!) and I have got a monster blog in store as 2018 ends, so there’s something to look out for!