Here it is, my running review for 2018. To be fair, I said I was going to do one of these for 2017 but I just didn’t get round to it. By the time I was ready to write the blog it was almost March so there wasn’t much point. Anyway, onto January;


In terms of running, the year didn’t get off to a good start, I got pretty ill over Christmas then did an East Sussex xc at Blackcap which my calves completely gave up in. I managed to get through the rest of the race at an easy pace, but it just showed how hard xc’s when you have little training.

I also did Hastings parkrun this month, and for the first two kilometre’s I felt good. But after that my pace dropped quite a bit and it was clear I needed to get my base fitness up.

Non-Running highlight – Going to York and seeing my mates up there. Having probably the best night out I’ve ever had and I even managed to get in a couple of runs in both with Jack and on my own.

Song of the month – Global Dan – Off-White


University had fully restarted and I was started to get back into the swing of running. This months xc was at Heathfield Park. You’ve got a bit of everything with the terrain and to make things harder it was blazing, a good race though. For my long runs I began to do some 15k’s from Bexhill to Hastings. That’s when disaster struck, because during one of those long runs I picked up Achilles tendentious.

Achilles tendentious is when fibres in the middle of the tendon begin to break down with tiny tears. You can diagnose it by hearing for a clicking sound when you move your ankle. Anyway, this was my first proper injury from running and at first I got really impatient about it, but after a while it’s just one of those things you have to accept.

Non-Running highlight – It has to be the KSI versus Joe Weller boxing fight. Yes I know they aren’t professional boxers, but the entertainment value was there and the atmosphere was much better than I expected. Plus I got a photo with Stephen Tries!

Song of the month – Tupac – Ghetto Gospel


The final xc of the season is always in Pett, on home ground, and despite still my injury I still ran it. Surprisingly I didn’t feel my Achilles too much either, probably because it wasn’t on the road.

I had a 10 mile race booked in Methyr which was cancelled because of the snow, but I still went home for the weekend anyway and went sledging. That evening when the snow had cleared up a bit I tried a 10K, but the old Achilles flared up badly and I decided to take Easter off running.

Non-Running highlight – Me and four of my University mates started the Pitchside Podcast, and the first episode got over 100 listens. Recording the podcast is now a staple in the University week, we do still need Ben to come on for one episode though!

Song of the month – Vibbar – Sweden



No running this month whatsoever this month. Actually, I might’ve done a bit of training toward the end of the month but I certainly didn’t complete any AC sessions. I also missed the AC versus Hastings Runners mob match.

Nonetheless I did lots of other activities, such as climbing up Pen y Fan with James and getting the obligatory photo. Me and Jack also randomly did a 30 mile walk from Bridgend to Cardiff which took eight and a half hours because we took such a big detour!

Non-Running highlight – Watching Jack Grealish’s last-minute winner at Villa Park over Cardiff City. An outstanding volley.

Song of the month – Drake – Nice For What


I was back to running, momentarily, as the temperature turned up. I did Hastings parkrun but in my own words I “wasn’t at it”. Before it was my Achilles which was causing me trouble, now it was my calves.

Hastings 5 mile was on the 12th, and I probably wouldn’t have done it had I signed up any later than March. However, I did it and got an alright time, but after that my calves were just in bits.

Non-Running highlight – This month I finished my multimedia project of the Alex Hall memorial 5k. I managed to get some very helpful interviews on what was quite a sensitive subject. Alongside that would’ve been my trip to Wembley with Ed for the play-off final had Villa not lost!

Song of the month – The Weeknd – Wasted Times


I could now take Mays slight progress into the summer. One of the first runs I did was a 10K and I felt okay. A couple of days later I did some laps around a cricket pitch which doubles up as a track. That’s when my asthma started kicking off and I realised I needed to take a break until I sorted it out.

But the good news was I managed to get a job at Glamorgan Cricket at the bar. It’s a job that’s a lot less stressful than the chippie and for the most part I enjoyed pulling pints.

Non-Running highlight – The World Cup! Plenty of days were spent in pubs and bars around Cardiff watching the footy, the best moment for me was when Ronaldo stepped up to take a free-kick against Spain and Dave said “he’s gonna score this”. On cue Ronnie powered his effort past David De Gea.

Song of the month – Duke Durmont – Inhale (And One Kiss obviously)



Running? Whats that? July was when I was slowly starting to get over my asthma problem, or at least trying to manage it.

Actually I did start to do some running again, getting in some early morning sessions whilst camping in Port Eynon which felt like 10 miles but were only 6k. I think what summed up how unfit I was is that I managed to do about three-quarters of a club run with San Domenico before getting a lift to the finish!

Non-Running highlight – A tie between going to a rap gig in Cafe Dwr and seeing Elro live and going to Bingo Lingo which was a laugh.

Song of the month – Elro – White Rick Ross


I was getting back to fitness and I was able to do a parkrun again. Not a fast one in my terms, but I was growing in confidence. I managed to do the 12k club run on Thursday as well.

Then I went to the South Coast on holiday with the family, and drugged up on asthma medication I managed a 20:51 at Seaton parkrun. That was probably one of my favourite summer moments.

Non-Running highlight – Going to Manchester with the Morgster to watch Logan Paul versus KSI in what was one of the most hyped up fights of all time. A draw was harsh on KSI and in terms of entertainment Jay versus AnEsonGib was the best bout.

Song of the month – Childish Gambino feat Chance the Rapper – The Worst Guys


A very busy month, which started off with Cardiff 10K. Unfortunately I got ill the week before and although it was still an enjoyable event, I was never going to match my 2017 time.

I started training properly again toward the end of the month, with some parkruns in Ponty. Then it was back to uni. After a week of training with Hastings AC I managed to get my fastest time of the year at Hastings parkrun, 19:54.

Non-running highlight – Probably just going back to uni. Although it’s sad to leave family and friends in Cardiff it was great to see my uni mates and the Hastings AC lot. Then again that’s a running highlight isn’t it.

Song of the month – Brockhampton – Boogie



What a month for running, with PB’s everywhere! First off it was the Hastings seafront 10k. I slept through my alarm and woke up at 8:30 for a 9 race start. Thankfully it didn’t matter as I managed to get a PB of 41:19.

Then it was the first XC of the season at Snape Wood, which I didn’t do fantastically in, but I rounded off the month with a 5K PB of 19:28 at Hastings parkrun. In terms of running October was THE month for me.

Non-running highlight – A dog got stuck on a roof of the house opposite us, and helped down, and Dean Smith was appointed Villa manager.

Song of the month – Pitbull feat Ne-Yo – Time of our Lives


The first run of the month was in Blackcap, Lewes, where I’d got injured at the start of the year. However, this time I paced it well and managed to come third in the club.

Then I did Eastbourne parkrun in probably the worst weather I’ve ever done a parkrun in. Nonetheless I got a decent time and probably spent about half an hour in the shower when I got back.

Non-running highlight – I did my first shift at Sportsbeat covering Lewes FC Women.

Song of the month – Dom James feat King Khan – What U Need


This month started off with my first Sussex league race around Stanmer Park. The course wasn’t actually as tough as people said it would be, and if anything I think I should’ve pushed it a bit more for a higher placing.

Then the dreaded injury struck, a gluteus medius problem after I was doing some speedwork in Alexandre Park. That pretty much ended my running year.

However, looking back at 2018, the year the has just got better and better. There was times in the end of second year when I was hating university, I was injured and everything was just a bit shit. Summer couldn’t come quick enough. Then the last university term I’ve enjoyed the most because I’ve been busy meeting new people and taking opportunities to do things I might have been reluctant to take before.

Non-running highlight – Going home for Christmas and seeing family and friends, obviously, but also bagging work experience in the new year.

Song of the month – Oliver Francis – OZZY