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Last Sunday my fat Christmas turkey ass did cross country and although it wasn’t a race I was particularly happy with, it was good to be racing again.

I’ve been slowly getting back into the swing of training since my December injury with a bit of mileage, most of it done running slow laps around Caedelyn Park.

But for the last two weeks I feel like I’ve just been recovering from New Years, bloody hell that was a heavy night.

On Thursday I did a 10K around the aforementioned Caedelyn, then got back to Hastings on Friday. On Saturday I did the quick Alexandra Park route as a tester to see if I was good to go on Sunday, and thankfully I was.

The race took place at Ashdown forest, and it’s the first time I’ve done this course. It’s mostly made up of heath which goes on for miles and miles, Dave said he did an ultra marathon around it.

It being an open course meant you could really feel the wind, but it wasn’t enough to make me wear anything more than my AC vest.

The course consisted of one small loop and one big loop. Someone pulled up halfway into the small loop. A sign of things to come maybe?

For the most part I was running with a cluster of Hastings AC runners. Maybe I was subconsciously holding back on the downhill again just in case something happened to my glute or hamstring, but I did feel people were making ground on me on the downhills.

The best I’ve ever felt running a cross country was in Framfield last year where for some reason I didn’t feel at all tired the whole way through. This was quite the opposite however, as I felt leggy going down the first gradient.

Then it was through a small forest, over a bridge (which isn’t ideal with spikes on) then up a high but gradual hill at the end. That last hill was a real killer too, my lack of activity over Christmas showed and I did have to walk briefly.

As I said afterwards though, it was one of those courses where you’ve got a massive advantage at the end if you’ve done it before because you can anticipate the last hill.

Anyway, I finished in one piece then had a doughnut from the cake stand. Old habits die hard. I do love cross country, but hopefully at Heathfied Park I’ll be back to my October/November fitness.

(For some reason I actually look quite dench in the team picture?)