Position: 13th Time: 19:49

Decent. With my gluteus medius injury pretty much behind me now I can concentrate on getting that sub-19, and today was a good start.

I think I would’ve been disappointed with anything less than sub-20 today just to know that all my training before Christmas hasn’t faded away.

Anyway, let’s get into training this week. Tuesday’s grass session was a baptism of fire, I thought it was done two thirds of the way through only to find out we had another three sets of two minutes to go! Nevertheless, I managed to keep up with the runners I could before the break, apart from for one rep. Lie down very much needed after that.

Then I went into Thursday’s track session almost certain I was going to get injured with my body still feeling the effects of Tuesday, thankfully it wasn’t too hard and I managed to get home to my tomato and mozzarella tortellini.

Today I did something I never though i’d do before – a parkrun without any breakfast. The general consensus online is that your body uses the calories from the night before, which is good because I had a hearty Tikka Masala last night at the Conquers March.

It was freezing though, with both of my long sleeved running tops in the washing basket all I had was my Cardiff 10K shirt on. Out of the 353 people that ran this morning, I would hazard a guess at being one of maybe three in a shirt.

Anyway, I didn’t actually pace it that well. The “watchitus” problem came back (where I can’t stop checking my watch every half a minute) meaning my pace fluctuated quite a lot. At the halfway turnaround I was bang on ten minutes.

On the way back I managed to keep it a bit more consistent, with my final three kilometre splits under four minutes. The guy in front of me on the top promenade was saying hi to every man and his dog at one point, before turning to me to exclaim “I probably should be saving my breath shouldn’t I!”

I clocked 88 seconds in my final 400 metres, which showed I still had enough juice at the end. As for my actual 5K time, it was 19:43, minus the wind would make it 18:00 right?

One last gripe is that my Garmin said my heart rate was about 137 bpm, which is 51 bpm less than when I last ran the Hastings course in October. Moreover, apparently I only burnt 171 calories, normally when I do a 5K it get’s to well over 200. Does this mean I can’t enjoy a succulent Chinese meal tonight?!

Realistically it’s good to know that I’ve finally got to the stage where I can bang out sub-20’s consistently, probably something which is helped a lot by experience. I was thinking the other day about writing a blog about the stupid stuff I used to do when I started running.

Entering Hastings Half is now a probability, and because I’ve never run anything close to 13.1 miles, I’m going to start upping my long runs.

To wrap things up, a successful morning. Peace.