This is the first running blog I’ve done for a while, in fact I did write one on the 24th January after I picked up another injury. However, I didn’t want to post on its own because it’s from so long ago and doesnt summarise how I feel at this moment in time. I think after anyone picks up an injury they’re the most frustrating straight after you’ve done it. Anyway here’s January frustrated Harry;

Well this is a familiar feeling, it’s been about one and a half week since I started training again but it’s happened again.

Literally, just can’t seem to stay injury free. This time I’m almost certain it’s Achilles tendonitis, this time in my left heel so that’ll be about another month I’m out for.

On the positive side it’s not in my right heel, which would be more worrying, but I can pinpoint the factors which led to this.

Saturday was parkrun, felt good, got a sub-20 and everything was on the up. Then Sunday was my longest long run ever, about 18 kilometres, I felt a bit creaky but alright. Monday was the classic tempo club run, probably the fastest one I’ve ever done, then Tuesday I came up to York and did a light club run with Jack the University AC.

Okay, so I needed to get some speedwork done so Wednesday morning I did 8 x 400 metres on grass. Then I jogged back to the house, got a bit lost so the run was probably about 5 miles in total plus the speedwork. A bit longer than usual but the run back was really slow.

In conclusion, that’s a lot to do in five days, plus indoor climbing on Wednesday and a lot of walking around York and Sheffield. Thus, overuse could be the reason.

What is more likely is the state of my running shoes. On the light club run I got blisters on my left heel. It hurt a bit but blisters aren’t anything to be worried about really. I didn’t think much of it, then when I finished my run on Wednesday my heel was a bit sore but not too bad.

Online they say to replace running shoes after so many miles, for me it’d be more or less every year but since I was injured for a lot of 2018 and there’s no way, I’d have hit the figure. This is when common sense comes into it, clearly something I don’t have a lot of. The back of my running shoes are badly torn up but because the internet says to replace them after a certain amount of mileage then I stupidly make a judgement off that.

On Thursday it hit me. Walking round Sheffield, especially upstairs, was painful. It’s weird because the majority of my injuries have come during or just after a run, not the day after.

I think my problem is once I’ve come off an injury and start to get back into the flow of things I’ve suddenly got the bit between my teeth and running is prioritised over everything. Then when I get injured it’s like suddenly a gap is missing and my general mood just drops.

Back to the present Haza now, and since then I’d say I’ve recovered well. I had a physio session two days after I got back from the north and recently I have got some light runs in.

On Wednesday I did the usual short “tester” route in my new Asics, then the day after I managed to get halfway down Hastings promenade but my heel started playing up again.

Running two days in a row probably wasn’t the best idea, and my coach told me that when i went down to the track to help on Thursday evening.

This morning I volunteered at the 200th Hastings parkrun on an event that had about 50/50 chance of being on because of strong winds.

Anyway Hastings Half is coming up and I probably won’t sign up until a week before once I know I’m definitely injury free. The one I’m certainly not missing is the xc at Pett though, my last ever xc (probably) in a Hastings vest.

A banterious time up north injury aside