Imagine having a working achilles. Imagine being in the lucky 88-95% of runners who doesn’t have a problem with theirs (can’t say I can remember where that stat came from).

Then again it might be something else, a dodgy knee, a bad back even. I’d like to know how many amateur athletes who play/compete for a club are injured right now, it’s probably around 15%.

I’m still injured, but this week I have managed a sprinkle of training. On Tuesday I did 5K on grass and my achilles felt okay until I got back to the house. Then on Wednesday I joined the Sussex Coast College gym for a month for £25, did 15 minutes on the bike and felt okay.

Thursday? Well on Thursday I took over Petes duties as coach which was a actually a lot tougher than I thought it’d be in terms of explaining things to new people such how we organise the tempo. Anyway my motivational calls were on point during the hill reps.

Now we move onto Friday, where it was another gym sesh to get those gains. Just joking I was on the bike, for about three minutes before my achilles started hurting, so I did 8K on the treadmill.

When I was running it felt alright but when I finished I had that familiar pain and the creaking sound when I move my left foot up and down.

Also I can’t stand the internet. There’s so many conflicting articles and advice on what to do with achilles tendonitis. Some sites say I should run on it to strengthen it while other sites warn me this could lead to further problems and potentially my tendon snapping. Ah, just writing that last bit makes me cringe.

Anyway, I was on timekeeping at Hastings parkrun today which was quite a good role because it means you can watch everyone start and of course I got papped too (see feature image).

I did slip in a request for the role of run director half jokingly in the future. Half jokingly. Half.

(The sun rising over Hastings on Friday)