Another week and another running update. Despite this Achilles problem I am managing to get some running in, just a lot less frequently than I want to.

So to quickly go through what I did last week;

Tuesday – I actually managed to get a track session done on Tuesday instead of standing around timing people. It was a couple of 1K’s, 800s and 400s. The Deep Freeze roll on worked a treat afterwards.

Thursday – I did an 8K along the seafront because the club hill session would’ve turned my heel into a smoothie. One word. Painful. As soon as I finished my heel was clicking like mad and I though that was that – i’d be done with running for a couple of months and that’d be it for racing with Hastings AC.

On Saturday I was back to bar code scanning at parkrun. It was a hot day in which the post-event coffee with Brian was much needed in my sleep deprived slightly hungover state.

Then yesterday I did a 5K tempo on the treadmill. Wow it gets hot running in the gym, but the heel felt alright. This is probably because the treadmill means I’m not pushing down on it as much.

So that’s the bread and butter bit of this blog out the way. Now to the title, how did I actually get into running as a sport?

Well up until the age of 18 my main sport was always football. However, without wanting to brag, I was always one of the fitter players on the team and in Year 10 I remember being one of the last in the PE group on the bleep test.

One of being the key term though. Jack would still be beating the bleeps after everyone had dropped out, gone to KFC and watched the Welsh League Highlights on Sgorio.

Anyway, my first parkrun was in May 2015. My pacing was probably awful, my preparation worse and my form like a giraffe on drugs. Back then I’d do maybe a 2K after school once or twice a week.

Fast forward to the last year of sixth form (2015-16) which I’d say was my favourite school year of them all, I was probably the fittest I’d ever been overall. All the while trying to sort out the car crash of AS Level results from the year before.

I did join the school cross country team too, but I never did too well. I ran in football boots and my training would consist of two runs – a 5K at full pelt and a 2K/2.5K…… full pelt.

I must admit, I didn’t actually manage this every week, and I quit school football early in 2016 because I wasn’t enjoying it. But a typical week in Year 13 would look like this;

Monday: Football Training

Tuesday: Circuit Training

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 5K

Friday: School Football

Saturday: Light run

Sunday: Football Match

You’ve also got stuff like school cross country, a tiny bit of cycling and midweek games chucked in there too, so it’s amazing how I didn’t get injured. Anyway, enjoy the featured photo with the dead trim and Lonsdale swim shorts!