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So apparently I’ve got a power of ten account. For a man who spends a fair amount of time on the website, it’s pretty weird that I haven’t actually realised this!

Anyway, today I did my first track race and no I didn’t really prepare for it. This week I put in 45 miles – my biggest mileage week ever. Thursday was my last ever Hastings AC session and we just did six miles with many of the runners in between races.

Then I put an emotional post on FaceBook. To be fair I took a while to write it and even then I repeated the phrase “must’ve been a few hundred” twice in two lines.

Putting in so much more mileage than I’ve ever done before has given me mixed feelings. Some runs I feel great and others the miles just drag. For example, my long run with Chris a week ago Sunday felt hard, to be fair the fact I ran a PB at parkrun the day before probably had something to do with it!

But then on Wednesday I set out to do six miles on the seafront and I ended up doing eight. It was pouring it down with rain, windy and my shirt was chafing like mad but I felt in the zone. When I stopped I thought to myself it’s actually scary how much fitter I am. I did the miles at an easy pace my breathing was the same as a stroll around an allotment when I finished.

And to today’s 5000m. Pre race I had a banana sandwich which helped (I think) although during the warm up with Jack and his mate George I felt pretty bloated.

Meanwhile a 10,000m race was taking place, something that, on the track, did not look enjoyable. It was weird seeing so many people spread out across the 400 metre loop and not knowing who was in what place.

Then it was time to set off. My target was to hit 90 seconds for every lap and for the first 400 metres I felt alright but as the race went on I kept adding a second on here and there.

Subsequently the left calf problem reared its head and the laps started to get longer and tougher. I got lapped by George and Jack (who both finished in low 16 minutes). In the end I left a bit till the end but finished on about 19 minutes.

The thing is if I lowered my mileage and planned my training around this race I reckon I could’ve finished around mid to low 18 minutes. The following day I took off just to let my calfs heal a bit.

Anyway, I’m gonna take a bit of time off racing now while I’m up north and then really turn things up over the summer.