Postion: 25th Time: 20:43

Not one of my best runs by any means, luckily I’ve got the Cosmeston relays on Wednesday to get back into the groove.

Today wasn’t really an all-out blast for me, for once I didn’t time myself and ran by feel.

In terms of time, I just wanted to do a relatively hard effort – a tempo even. The course was today was slower than usual being twice around Llandaff Fields, but even then I’d have liked something under 20 minutes.

This week hasn’t been great for me in terms of running. Basically, I had the old headaches, sore throat, asthma problems which meant I took Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off. Tuesday would’ve been a decent track session at Cardiff Met too.

What makes it even more annoying is I really put the work in on the weekend. Last Saturday I did the old 6,5,4,3,2,1 grass session in the boiling heat, which is now becoming a go to.

Then on Sunday, I was going to run with a couple of the San Dom guys in Marshfield but it was cancelled as a few of them were crocked. Instead I did the usual ten-mile route around Roath and back.

But that brings me to another point, I need to run more with others. My last six runs have been done solo – granted there have been three sessions in that time that I would’ve gone to had I not been ill or had other commitments, but still.

Anyway enough of all the complaining, the next few days should be good in terms of training. This afternoon I’ve got a BBQ then tomorrow is my club long run, Monday I’ll get a tiny bit of speed in then Wednesday I’ve got the Cosmeston relays. Thursday – well that’s the holy club run. With my new job Tuesday, being in the city centre I can get around Cardiff quite quickly which is great for getting to training.

So to summarise, next week I should be back to a good 30 plus miles with a bit of everything – a long run, a tempo, some speedwork and a race. I’ve had a bit of time taking it easy after a strong training period, but now it’s time to go up a gear again!