It’s been a fair while since I’ve done a blog, but I have been doing a fair bit of running since that Cosmeston relays win.

In terms of highlights since then, I did a very decent five mile tempo the Monday before last, hitting a 19:06 final 5K.

Then on Tuesday we had a speed session in Bute Park of 10 x 400ish metres. The loop wasn’t ideal as it was slippery and busy with people mainly walking to and from the homeless World Cup, but it was a good session nonetheless.

At the front it was Andrew, Hwyl and I and my final 80 metre kick was pretty good on most of the reps.

It’s got to that point now where I’m beginning to feel comfortable with the high mileage again, the Club Handicap race was a low point – I didn’t really treat it as a race but still my legs felt shot. But since then I feel like body’s starting to adapt.

I guess the big news is I filmed my speed session with Jack on Friday before posting it on YouTube:

Now that I’m back on YouTube I’ve got all these ideas for videos, but like I said on the vid I’m not gonna stick to a regimented upload schedule.

Also on the video I set my target in stone for Cardiff 10K – sub 38 minutes. Currently I’m on my way to graduation which means Hastings parkrun on Saturday. That’ll be a line in the sand to see where I’m at.

Now we’ve entered August I’ve got to really build up the training. Another thing I’ll be doing is giving up alcohol until the race – July was a pretty heavy month with quite a few house parties and nights out so it’s probably good for me to scale it back anyway.