Pos: 22nd Time: 18:33

Yo it’s ya boi Haza Trand back with another parkrun blog! Maybe I should open every blog that way, give the writing a bit of energy.

Anyway, a PB today which is always good. I’m not particularly happy with how I paced but I am pleased with the time. I think it’s important to put things into context in situations like this, around about this time last year when I was on my asthma meds I did a 21:34.

Let me just say before we get onto the run fully that the conditions today were terrible. For the last few days it’s been pretty dour and today it was pouring with rain and windy. Massive shoutout to the volunteers for doing their jobs!

This week I just made it over the 40-mile mark. On Tuesday I did the club track session, 8 x 600m, and although I felt alright doing it my shin gave me a bit of grief on the way back. In the words of Ron, “you’ve got a job so get new shoes.” So that I did on Wednesday 0 going on the treadmill to analyse my gait in my work clothes is not how I expect many people spend their lunch breaks!

I spent a lot of money on two pairs of shoes, but then again PB’s are priceless. Plus I reckon a few more runs in my grey ASICS shoes and I was getting injured. I bought some ASICS Cumulus support shoes for the bread and butter mileage along with some New Balance M1500 V5 racing flats. The thing with running shops like the one I went to – MOTI in Queens Arcade, is that you pay for the service. I really don’t mind paying an extra £20 or so to have my running form analysed in depth.

So after having a chat with some of the lads, it was time to run. The first kilometre was much like last week, quick, but not mad. 3:41. However, I did feel that wearing my lighter and less padded Reebok racers helped raise my cadence.

And now onto the second kilometre as I came out of the forest and onto the University playing fields. Having been so annoyed with myself last time for dropping back on the second k, I couldn’t let the same happen again. In fact, it was my fastest kilometre at 3:37.

The wind and rain wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be, but it was still bad. Coming into the halfway turning to come back I started to feel the wind push me back a bit. Throughout the race I didn’t check my watch too much, but I did at the halfway turning. Seeing I was running 4 minute kilometre pace I quickly realised I needed to pick it up again.

That I did. Coming back down the playing fields a women in glasses gave me a bit of motivation and then it was back into the forest again. Don’t get me wrong, that third kilometre was a struggle. For some reason I had in my head that once I got to the fourth I’d be easier. I do find it easier how mental things like that can affect your race.

Obviously I’d have liked a sub 18:30, but when in that last kilometre I was just thinking about bettering my Hastings parkrun time (18:47) that I did at the end of May. For me, the biggest 5K milestones are when you change either of those first two numbers. In other words a sub 18 5K is my next big parkrun goal.

Afterwards I caught up with Jack who ran a 17:15 – a slow time for him but he’s only done a couple of runs in the last month or so, and the San Dom lads. The way I put it to them sounded like I blew up mid-race, but the likes of Paul reassured me that miles two and three were pretty even and better weather will mean better results.

So am I happy? Well, I still think there’s another gear I can tap into, but yes. Long run tomorrow lets get it!