It’s just over two weeks to go until Cardiff 10K, crunch time! To say the summer has flown by is an understatement, yes June seems like a long time ago, but how are we so close to September now!

So I last did a blog last weekend after PB’ing at Cardiff Parkrun. I really do wonder how much the conditions affected my time. Nevertheless, it’s good to know the extra mileage, especially on long runs, is paying off.

Talking of long runs, I did mine with Jack the next day in the pouring rain. Now that was tough. Weirdly I do like running in the rain sometimes, but with it tipping down and the legs achy after the previous days racing, it was a case of getting it done for the most part.

In the week I didn’t do any club training sessions because they were just racing. It was a backpack run Monday, a steady run on Tuesday then a session with Jack on Wednesday. Me and the boy met up at Caedelyn and did a speed session – 6 x 1.2km loops of the park with a minute and a half recovery. It was a tough session for sure, but one I’ll definitely do again. For the most part Jack sped off in front, but for some reps he stuck behind me for the first 400 metres or so at the start while I tried to keep the reps consistent.

Anyway, thanks to chasing Jack I hit a new V02 max, something I’m not too familiar with but it can only be a good thing right?! On Thursday I struggled around Whitchurch for 6 miles with the curly-haired geeeza, like REALLY struggled. My legs felt shot and I was almost certain I’d have to stop at some point. It’s the same feeling I got doing the club handicap in Bute Park a couple of weeks ago. Luckily my drive to get to that 45-mile week was too strong!

And now we come onto today, a Saturday long run. Me and Jack have been going through Hailey Park and along the Cardiff parkrun route lately, a route which is approximately 12 miles, and did so again today. After a rest day yesterday I felt pretty decent, donning my 2017 Cardiff 10K shirt while Jack wore his City of York AC vest that I swear he wears for every run.

It was one of those runs where I finished and I really didn’t feel too tired. It’s weird thinking back almost a year ago when I was struggling to break times I’d do for training now. Running is going well, not gonna lie, but all these hours of training need to be harnessed two weeks Sunday.

My goal for Cardiff 10K is still sub-38 but at the same time I’d be fairly happy with anything around 38ish minutes. This morning I went on the race time predictor on Runners World and it estimated that if I could run an 18:33 5K I’d run a 38:40 10K. I guess that 5K was on a wet and windy day, but still, to run a 38 flat 10K it said I needed to be running an 18:13 5K. That’s 20 seconds faster but still, it does seem like something I’m capable of. Of course, records are there to be broken!