Postion: 6th Time: 11:20 (Leg 3)

Two blogs in three days, what kind of madness is this!

I pretty much entered this race on a whim, firstly because I knew I’d feel like the pressure was off my shoulders after running Cardiff 10K, and secondly, perhaps more basically, loads of others were doing it. Actually, why am I explaining why I entered a race!

Anyway, I got a lift there with Luke and Dan, two guys that had just run 18th and 11th at Cardiff 10K respectively.

The teams for these races usually get switched around, so it was only until I got there that I found out I was running the third and final leg in a team made up of Alistair and Andy – thus making up three of the four of the winning Cosmeston relays team. This time it was a two-mile course.

There’s always a good atmosphere with these kinds of races. You had people from Hereford and the Forest of Dean coming down to run a course which is basically in a Hamlet.

You can’t really replicate the feeling of being in that starting pen waiting to receive the baton from your teammate. Me and Andy went over our handover tactics beforehand – his right hand to my left and run to match his pace. Anyway I felt the changeover went smoothly.

With the course being in rural South Wales once you turned left out of the crowds it went eerily quiet. Now the real race had begun.

As always with a relay race, you receive the baton and just blast it. I then reigned it in a bit after 300 metres or so, but I found it a hard distance to pace having never competed in two miles. I guessed a bit faster than parkrun speed would do it.

I did quite a bit of overtaking of the slower runners still on their second leg, but I also got dropped by this bald guy in Chepstow colours. I felt I was running at a decent pace, hitting 3:36 and 3:38 for my first two kilometres, but not overly exerting myself.

On the home straight, which went on for about a kilometre, you were running into the wind which unsurprisingly was a hindrance. In the distance I thought I saw someone handing over a baton when it was probably just a water bottle in hindsight – point being the end dragged on a bit.

And before I knew it the there was 100 metres to go. Thanks to some good support from the sides I gave it a bit of a kick at the end. This was when the race photos were taken and for some reason it looks like I’m screaming at the end. The featured photo is probably the only one you’ll be able to look out without getting night terrors for the next week.

Anyway, we finishing sixth with Alistair and Andy coming in with times of 10:44 and 10:38 respectively. Ideally, I’ll be matching the times of these guys in a couple of months time. Maybe a non Cardiff 10K Harry could’ve got close to a sub-11, but I’m happy with my effort. To finish in the top five I would’ve have to run an 11:02, so maybe on a good day I could’ve done it.

Anyway, massive shout out to everyone that ran including the winning San Domenico team of Luke, Dan and Neil who ran a course record. I’ll be writing the club newsletter in the future so I’m terms of club news look no further than the San Domenico Twitter account. Meanwhile I’ll continue writing about my vain self on my own blog.

So what’s going on with my running now? Well I think the main word for the rest of this week is “chill”, which doesn’t necessarily mean no running but more running out of enjoyment and not sticking to a plan. Then I’ll move onto my next training plan for the upcoming XC season, this will involve doing more running than I ever have before. Until then!