It seems to happen to everyone around Autumntime, and now it’s happened to me. I’m ill, not like really ill, but ill enough not to run.

It’s not come at the best time either to be honest, with a week to go until the first XC race of the season. Then again it could be worse, I could A, have timed this illness terribly and had XC today (in which case I would still run) or B, be running Cardiff Half on Sunday (in which case I would still run).

Anyway, I did actually have plans to test out Aberbeeg parkrun today. However, yesterday I got to one mile of a planned five-miler around the usual Llanishen route and thought nah – not gonna happen.

Message of the story is there’s never really a good time to get ill, well maybe the week after a big race but then again that’s just because I had too much of the “old fluid” to quote the sayings of old San Domenico newsletters!

Talking of that, writing the San Domenico newsletters is another project I’ve taken on now. Outside of work I’ve got quite a lot of eggs in my basket, writing for Under a Gaslit Lamp and this blog as well as updating everyone with the latest running news in my club. I’d also like to add to my one YouTube video I’ve made in 2019 on Haza Trand but then again thinking of new ideas is hard man!

This weeks training has been good too. On Tuesday I did Hill Reps with Alistair and I managed to keep every effort under two minutes. If I had done the Thursday club run I would’ve been looking at 45+ miles for this week.

Maybe now is a time to reflect on how good 2019 has been running-wise; since March I’ve broken my 5K Pb four times, that’s as many times as 2017 and 2018 combined! This more mileage technique seems to be working!

And yet I think I can run faster than that. When I did the 18:33 in August in was windy and tipping it down with rain.

Enough bigging myself up now! The plan tomorrow is to do a short three or so miles if I’m not too ill before watching the half marathon, then on Tuesday I can use the run to and from the session as a long run. Nevertheless, look out for my XC blog next week, it’s sure to be a good one!