Pos: 5th Time: 19:23

Well, it was nice to get in the shower after that. I ended up coming pretty far from my overall 5K PB but then again conditions certainly didn’t help!

This week I dropped the mileage down a bit after feeling tired throughout the previous one. I was going to do Pontypridd parkrun last Saturday, but on my way to the station my legs weren’t up to it and I decided to do a five-mile loop instead.

So after feeling okay on my Sunday long run, I decided to take Monday off. It proved to be a good decision because on Tuesday I was able to average 3:32 pace for my 5 x 1K reps at the club track session. It was probably one of the best track sessions at Cyncoed I’ve done and it reassured me that if I went all out I’d probably be able to get close to a sub-18 5K.

On Thursday I did the run to club run and club run which equates to ten miles. For the most part I was chatting to Mark so the miles flew by really.

And now onto today’s parkswim. One small lap and three big laps of Ynysangharad Park (eventually I won’t have to look up how to spell that!)

Needless to say, it was pouring and I don’t think I was the only one who just wanted to get going.  When we did this guy in blue flew off in the front, while a pack on five, including myself, followed.

During the whole race I only took one person, and that was in the first 300 metres. After that I was pretty much safe for a 5th placed finish.

On the big laps there’s a bit of an incline to the top of the park – today the top path was filled by puddle after puddle including one which was just too big to wade through.

By the second big lap I knew I wouldn’t be anywhere near a PB. Annoyingly the insole of my racing shoes started to slide about too. It was a case of trying to adjust my toes to find some kind of stability which looking back probably affected my running form. It was a day where I should’ve worn my normal Asics road running shoes instead of racing flats but I’ll write that off as experience.

Anyway, I wasn’t too happy with how I ran, it kind of felt like everything that could’ve gone wrong did. I think my average pace was around four minutes per kilometre, unless my GPS was wrong I’m sure the course was short.

Nevertheless it was a good test in adverse conditions, plus 5th is the highest I’ve come at a parkrun. Looking back I do find it funny how I was having a perfectly normal conversation with a volunteer at the end in a Halloween devil mask!

It looks like I’m gonna have to fix my shoe now and sort out my shin, which was a bit achy at the end. I think the fact that I normally run in my padded Asics shoes means going to flats is always going to be a shock to my body.

After looking at the results I think a lot of people struggled in the conditions, and I still think I’m low 18 fitness on a good day. Nevertheless, it’s back to XC in a fortnight and I am very ready for that!